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Digital Printing

Digital printing is another printing method that is completely different from traditional printing.

Graphics Design

Graphic design is a craft where professionals create visual content to communicate messages.

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Creativedream is a web design company specializing in responsive web design & development.

Corporate Gift Items

Creativedream has Gifts Item services from all categories such as Customized Cushion Cover.

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Personal Website

  • Number of Pages: 10
  • Fully Dynamic Website
  • Details Services
  • Photo Gallery
  • Video Gallery
  • Dynamic Contact Form
  • Dynamic Contact Page
  • Auto Backup System
  • Development Timelines: 10
  • One Year Support Free

eCommerce Website

  • Fully Dynamic E-commerce
  • Multi-vendor System
  • E-Wallet Option
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Android Apps
  • Development Timelines: 20
  • Fully dynamic e-commerce
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Video Tutorial Provide
  • One Year Support

Question And Answer

Digital printing has the distinctive advantage of printing small prints and emergency parts because it complements complex processes such as film, launching and printing. All typography, design software, and electronic documents generated by Office applications can be exported directly to digital presses.
In the information age, in all kinds of business activities, whether it is business documents or corporate promotional materials, the information content needs to be accurate and novel and the promotional materials printed by traditional printing methods are mostly "limited by print volume". Need to print a thousand or 3,000 copies, the cost per chip is cheaper, but more companies do not use half or even dozens of copies, because the printed content and information have changed, waste is not needed, it is a harmful image for the corporate. So more and more companies are just using the new pill of printed matter like waste paper, in fact it is "printed and expensive."
Digital printing does not require film, automatic prep preparation, the printing machine provides direct proofing, eliminates the need for traditional printing plates, reduces the need for film, simplifies the plate making process, and uses traditional printing processes such as plate positioning.
The printing press is a useful tool for efficiently communicating and disseminating written ideas and processes laid down in writing. Before the advent of radio, television, the Internet, and other forms of mass media, printed materials (such as treatises, books, bulletins, newspapers, and magazines) were used to share ideas quickly and efficiently for the purposes of informing large numbers of people about current events, business opportunities, cultural and religious practices, and for educational purposes.
Printing presses use ink to transfer text and images to paper. Medieval presses used a handle to turn a wooden screw and push against paper laid over the type and mounted on a platen. Metal presses, developed late in the 18th century, used steam to drive a cylinder press. Flatbed presses, emerging early in the 19th century, used flat beds to hold the type and either a reciprocating platen or a cylinder to hold paper.